About Sophie

It's wonderful to see you here. Here's a little about me and how I can help.

You see, I waited a long time to become a mother myself, yet when it happened, I was propelled into a world of uncertainty and worry, completely unexpected.

I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety yet my struggle was much deeper.

I can only describe it as feeling lost. Like I'd forgotten who I was despite the intense love I felt for my beautiful child.

I craved direction and guidance, only to find myself more and more confused by what answers were out there.

Every google search led me to feel more and more anxious and less confident when all I wanted to feel was happy and at peace.

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Yet I searched & searched, read books, asked questions. Google became my best (and worst!) friend.

I eventually took my focus onto recovering from anxiety, through purely natural means despite being offered medication by my healthcare team.

I knew how I wanted to feel. Confident, self-assured, unwavering in my knowledge of how to deeply love and connect with both my child and myself.

But to feel this way I knew I had to remove anxiety from my life first.

I knew I needed to recognise my worth, allow my voice to be shared, and learn to develop deep trust, understanding and compassion for myself and my child from within.

I want to welcome you here and let you know you are safe and warmly greeted despite how you may feel currently, despite what horrendous fears and horrific bodily symptoms are going on (trust me I know how it feels)

You truly deserve to feel happy in your motherhood journey and ultimately escape from the dreaded grip of anxiety.

I'm a qualified & accredited Wellness Coach and a healthcare professional with 15+ years of experience in the UK NHS and overseas.

I'm also a keen writer of blogs, a (usually) healthy (ish) eater (!), an avid outdoors fan, and I love getting my camera and taking pics of my every rapidly growing little boy.

I thrive when helping mothers eliminate persistent anxiety the natural way, and as a result, find themselves and feel empowered by motherhood rather than depleted by it.

There is a lot of negativity around motherhood on the internet, yet motherhood is a true blessing.

Through my programmes and coaching, I help uncover the relationship we have with anxiety, help reduce the effects it has on our bodies, and to overcome limiting beliefs, negative habits and setbacks.

I take a soft motherhood approach and a mindful, present approach to life in general.

I make mistakes, I laugh, I have down days (I'm human!)

Yet I'm also extremely positive and ever hopeful.

My Passion

Why do I do this?

Because being a woman and becoming a mother has been the most incredible, eye opening, heart warming experience for me but at the same time, it's played havoc on my emotional state!

When I was diagnosed mid last year with postnatal anxiety I began to research deeper, looking within and realised that the anxiety was purely a cry for help. I had to find me.

If you feel what I'm describing here, a feeling of loss or confusion with horrendous anxiety thrown into the mix, I invite you to join Busting Anxiety In Motherhood, a unique programme to give you the tools and knowledge to beat anxiety naturally and reclaim that voice of yours as a beautiful, deserving mother.