Hi there lovely, I’m Sophie and it’s great to connect. Work wise, I’m a qualified wellness coach and a healthcare professional with 15+ years experience in the UK NHS and overseas.

Life wise, I’m a keen writer of blogs, a (usually) healthy (ish) eater (!), an avid exercise fan, a massive travel addict and a passionate wife and full time mama. 

I thrive when helping women overcome limiting beliefs and setbacks, and specialise in women’s physical and emotional health and wellness. 

I myself am a true motherhood fan and have been bowled over by the love I feel for my son. We are also expecting our second child at the end of 2020 so I’m fully on the Mummy bandwagon (you may have noticed the name of my business!!!!)

My story starts last year (2019) where an episode of severe postnatal anxiety set me on a path to re-design my career and push my ‘boat out of the harbour’, believing that the healing knowledge I gained through my self discovered anxiety recovery can be handed to more women around the world who need it. 

No medications were taken, just some fundamental lifestyle changes and mindset shifts. I retrained as a coach, took training in NLP and CBT and started to practise mindfulness every single day which is what I bring into my coaching programmes. I share my full postnatal anxiety story in my 10 week ‘Anxiety Buster’ programme. 

I take a soft motherhood approach and a mindful, present approach to life in general. I make mistakes, I laugh, I have down days (I’m human!)

Yet I’m also extremely positive and enthusiastic can get myself ‘out of a funk’ pretty quickly. 

I’m a unique individual, as are you and this is what I bring out of women when they work directly with me. 

Don’t delay or put off how you’re feeling any longer. Get in touch and let’s start making the changes needed to improve your life for the better x 

My Passion

Why do I do this?

Because being a woman and becoming a mother has been the most incredible, eye opening, heart warming experience for me but at the same time, it’s played havoc on my emotional state! To same I’m a lil’ bit obsessed with utter devotion to my young son would be an understatement. 

When I was diagnosed mid last year with postnatal anxiety I began to research more about the topic, fascinated that someone like me who classes ‘herself’ as pretty level headed could have been affected so quickly and so intensely.

 I refused to believe that I needed medication for it and proved this point by completely switching off my anxious thoughts in the space of 3 months. 

I now share my healing methods through my online ‘Anxiety Buster’ programme and in my private Facebook group. Do connect with me under the section ‘contact me’ or you can email me directly at [email protected] 

I’m also on Instagram at mamas_find_your_voice and love getting DMs 🙂

With love and sending you a massive virtual hug.

Sophie xxx

My Goals

To help as many women as possible around the world, whether they’re struggling with mood disorders, time management issues, burnout, fatigue, poor lifestyle choices, stress, lack of motivation, anxiety, exhaustion or any other ailments.

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