3 Ways to Being a Top Notch Positive Parent

I hate labels. And ‘positive parent’ is fast becoming one of those labels – as is the ‘conscious parent’ or the ‘natural parent’ if you ask me. But I’ll bet you’ve Googled (more than once) ‘how to be a better

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enjoying motherhood

Not Enjoying Motherhood?

Yet another day goes by, seeing post after post sharing how great their day’s been and how much fun they’ve had together. All smiles and laughs and clean looking angelic kids smiling at the camera. The scrolling continues. You’re flaked

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Motherhood Redefined

Hi! I’m Sophie. I’m a mama and wife – and motherhood is a huge passion of mine. 

Mamas Find Your Voice is my voice in this big world. It’s an honest, straight-talking guide to a positive motherhood experience. 

It’s a holistic approach to tackling the mental & emotional challenges that modern mums may face.  

Ultimately, it’s an advocate for women’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of their kids – something I believe in wholeheartedly. 

You’ll find practical advice on my blog to help you help yourself and your family – nothing waffly or pointless. I only share stuff that works. 

You’ll find encouragement and support, positivity and inspiration. 

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Anxiety Motherhood

Busting Anxiety In Motherhood Course

£197 (normally £497)

Does anxiety take over?

Do you fear the time you’re wasting being anxious, when you could enjoy that time with your children?

Do you ruminate and overthink everything?

Busting Anxiety in Motherhood will give you the proven tools and techniques to get rid of anxiety when it hits. 

It’ll leave you calmer, clearer, confident and in control of yourself. 

This is no quick fix, but it’s a real fix. 

Over 2000 women worldwide have enrolled in Busting Anxiety In Motherhood to date, with incredible results. 

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