Helping Mums Relieve Anxiety Naturally

With the right healing framework you can gain back control, get back to being You and be the mum you truly want to be.

Relieve your anxiety

Feel good from within

Love yourself as a mother

Do you struggle with:

Simple packages to get you anxiety free.

The attention is on “You”

To ensure the fastest recovery from anxiety, the healing plan is personalized to your needs and your own individual experiences.

Medication free

Just the thought of drug dependency alone can cause severe anxiety. I only teach proven natural methods that work and cost you nothing to practise.

Find your tribe

Being part of a close circle of women who wants the same as you in life makes your journey so much easier and more enjoyable.

Motherhood should be enjoyable and not wasted worrying about the “what ifs”. That’s why I’ve helped hundreds of women achieving that.

I’ve been through the same. As a mum of two beautiful young boys I know how it feels to suffer from an anxiety disorder, to struggle to be in control and to doubt our mothering abilities. As a healthcare professional (BsC, PgD) I overcame my own postnatal anxiety disorder through extensive self research and practise. I have a diploma in natural anxiety relief, am a qualified wellness coach and have researched the topic extensively.

What others say:

“Sophie, I cannot thank you enough for your help and kindness this year. You have got me through some very low times and although I have a LONG way to go… I am able to see things differently and you are a big positive of my 2020! Thank you so much!”


Oh I have loved this journey, you really have helped me get through this anxiety xxx it’s been so nice to talk as well


Thank you Sophie, even though I’ve suffered badly for years now, it’s much better through practising these techniques you’ve taught me. Loving and appreciating myself more is an extra bonus…


Stop anxiety and start enjoying your life as the mother you’ve always wanted to be.

1-1 Coaching


One on one coaching is a the fastest and most powerful route to getting you anxiety free. It’s intense, and tailored directly to your fears and worries with 100% attention on fixing what’s not working. Every session is private and confidential and includes a written action plan to follow. 

Coached Programme


Designed to gradually but effectively eliminate anxiety. Going through the programme with other women who are experiencing something similar is incredibly heartwarming & fun, and some great friendships are built up during the process.

Exceptional Wellness Club


An all round answer to any anxiety sufferer. The club is an action oriented, highly uplifting place to develop optimal health & wellness in all areas, leading you to become the mum you want to be, free from anxiety and enjoying your life.

How it Works:

Schedule a call​

Book a complimentary consultation call where we work together to discover your optimal healing approach.

Get YOUR free healing plan

A personalised plan is created for you to follow, which details your anxiety healing pathway.

Enjoy motherhood anxiety free

Here your plan gets into action. We create your support network and equip you with everything you need to become free from anxiety.

My mission is to help you live an anxiety free life.

I know that desire to want to be a happier mum but anxiety takes this away from you. Perhaps you were offered medication as the only solution like I was?  Meaning other powerful, natural anxiety relief methods may not be explored or even known about! Motherhood should be the best possible experience for the woman. An enjoyable and happy time, not full of fear and worry. I understand how it feels having been there myself. I overcame my anxiety disorder using natural methods that I extensively researched and practised. I made it my mission to share my knowledge with other women who need it. Here’s how it works. Schedule a call. Get a free personalised healing plan. Start your healing journey. Schedule your call right away, so you can stop suffering from anxiety and start enjoying life & motherhood worry free.

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