Finding Joy In The Present

Wellness practises, Poetry & lifestyle tips to live slower, more simply

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Take A Breath

This is for you. Because I see you. I'm one of you. A modern woman, susceptible to life's ever increasing pace. We're the ones who cannot rest, despite desperately needing to rest. I invite you to stay a while here, read something, tune in and relax. This is my hope for you. It's your time now.

I'm Ready
A mother holding her baby

My Philosophy

I believe in living today. Which means, living now - not later. I believe in a slower way of life, spending quality time with my family rather than racing around like a mad hatter. I believe in cosy dinners together, home cooking, candles, homemade soaps, herbal remedies, leisurly walks, beautiful views, heartwarming poetry and above all else, gratitude for what life is - right now.

The Story

Motherhood. The start of a new life. Yet amidst the pure, innocent joy that children are (and yes, they are a gift from God) comes a whole host of anxieties, stress, fears and doubts. I too felt this, in immense waves of emotion, and still do! But I wanted to get a grip on these feelings fast, so I could get back to feeling somewhat stable. And I did exactly that. I trained in wellness, meditation and mindfulness. Now this blog is the result of my efforts, where I freely share the practices I still enjoy to stay present, happy, grounded and joyful.

Ready To Go Slower?

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