Why we must be proactive in our anxiety battle

Being a healthcare professional I’ve met many people who sadly stay stuck in their old ways without even being aware they’re doing so. 

By being stuck in old ways, what I mean is, they never try to help themselves make a positive change in their life. 

This is a sore point I admit, and it takes guts for me to speak the truth of this.

The number of fatty livers I’ve diagnosed over the years due to excess sugar and alcohol, and yet not much changes even after recommended dietary and lifestyle improvements. 

Even something such as heart disease or lung disease… in many cases, people don’t change until it gets so bad it causes a life or death situation. 

You may think this is crazy, but it's sadly quite common.

And the reason I say this is that, as a previous severe postnatal anxiety sufferer, I want to explain how much serious work I did on myself to overcome it. 

A huge amount of work and effort on myself.

I found that simply waiting for anxiety to go away didn't cut it.

We must realise that we have to do the work to get rid of it. 

I like to call this being intentional.

Setting the right mindset to do the work on ourselves to get rid of anxiety. 

Because it does take work.

It takes repeated daily action to stop our anxious thoughts and bodily sensations. 

It takes believing in ourselves that we CAN DO THIS. 

It takes a tremendous amount of repetition and practises. 

It takes learning new skills such as breathing techniques, mindfulness, journaling, gratitude and meditation.

There's a good reason why these techniques are so popular in the alternative health field, and that’s because they work when you practise them over, and over, and over again. 

Nothing ever works the first time you try.

No breathing technique or mindfulness practise or even CBT or NLP techniques work first time round. 

I fear that the instant social media hits and google-ability of modern life are leading us to think that our minds and bodies can keep up to this pace, but this is completely flawed. 

We are biological creatures, and yet we forget it.

We’re living beings. 

We can’t get rid of anxiety overnight, or by practising a breathing technique once or twice. 

We don’t go at the same pace as an iPhone or computer. 

We have to commit to trying to help ourselves for the long run.

We have to be intentional and practise, practise practise. 

It took me 10 weeks of hourly (I mean it!) practise to get rid of my anxiety. 

I sat breastfeeding my son at the time and would repeat the 4, 7, 8 breathing technique as often as I could. 

Even when I wasn’t feeling *so* anxious I’d still be doing it. 

I meditated daily. I listened to calming music. 

I wrote in my journal every evening and loved my worry dumps as a way of getting all the fear out of my head so I could get some well-needed sleep.

I told my anxiety to f*ck off daily when it got too much.

I told myself “I can do this” as often as I remembered. 

Affirmations were on the wall where I read them daily.

I read book after book after book on self-help techniques for anxiety.

I educated myself and learnt new skills to distract me from my fears. 

This is what it really takes to overcome anxiety.

Doing ALL this but on repeat. 

Which is exactly what we go through in my Busting Anxiety programmes. And why it's divided into 10 modules worth of teachings. 

There’s no quick fix for anxiety which is why, if we seriously want to kick it in the as* we really need to be intentional and commit to doing the work on ourselves. 

The results of being anxiety-free are so worth the work you put in to get you there, believe me!

Wishing you well as always. 

Sophie x

Photo by Fé Ngô on Unsplash

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