Anxiety Buster 10 week Programme


Do you want to eliminate anxiety from your life? Are you sick and tired of being afraid? Are you ready to do the work on yourself? Then this programme is for you. 

Duration : 10 WEEKS


Warning! Be prepared to banish persistent anxiety in your life with what you’ll learn in this programme!

It’s an intensive 10 weeks, designed to create major changes in our habitual thinking processes. Being a Mum myself, I’ve designed this programme to be ‘doable’ with our normal daily life commitments, such as jobs, kids, dinners, bills etc.

We cover a lot of content because I give you everything I know that got rid of my postnatal anxiety in the space of 10 weeks.

Yep, that’s right. For me it was full blown diagnosis to full anxiety control in less than 3 months and this is what I’ll give you too.

I’ll give the knowledge, the tools and the coaching you need, but remember, you have to do the work.

There’s a lot of practical anxiety relief exercises, tools, mindset shifts and re-programming of our negative habits to get rid of the worries we all feel.

Now, this is a coached programme, meaning you have me to coach you in a group coaching format every single week of the programme.

If you find yourself slipping, or you simply ‘can be bothered’ have no fear, I’ll get you BACK ON TRACK!

There are SO many incredible extras included in the ‘Anxiety Buster’ programme, including:

BONUS: Anxiety relief timeline so you can visibly track your anxiety levels over the 10 weeks. Affirmations to print out and stick around your home to boost your anxiety-busting progress, plus my infographic on ‘What we can and can’t control’ (RRP £50)

BONUS: Recorded tutorial webinar at the end of each week’s content, building further upon the topic of the module you’re on (RRP £250)

BONUS: Recorded meditations for you to listen to at your own leisure to help relax (RRP: £30)

BONUS: Journal print outs EVERY WEEK of the programme. Over the 10 week programme this will build up to become a wonderful, treasured resource which you can look back on in years to come to see how far you’ve come (RRP £ priceless!)

BONUS! Lifetime access, both to all the resources, all downloads PLUS the facebook group! (RRP: priceless!)

BONUS: WEEKLY LIVE coaching sessions with me in my private Facebook group. You can ask me questions directly or simply listen and take it all in (RRP: £ priceless!)

Full 30-day money-back guarantee included. 

(Disclaimer: Individual results do vary)