Never Be Afraid To Offer Your Help

I have this really strange habit of being afraid to offer my help to others.

It’s like if I offer help, I’m afraid to be rejected.

I’m scared of the word ‘no’. Afraid of being ridiculed. Afraid of looking small. 

In my Mamas Find Your Voice facebook group I have to pluck up a serious amount of courage just to plan a ‘virtual coffee meet up’ for f*ck sake. 

The self doubt and inner voice nags away at me before I post something like that. 

“You’re posting too often.” 

“They don’t wanna hear from you!” 

“Don’t bother doing that!” 

“They’re all waaaaay too busy to hear about how to improve their lives from someone like you!”

True story. And that’s me talking to other Mums. 

It’s not like I’m offering every random stranger on the street some form of help, although I would if I could. 

What is this strange behaviour of worrying about being rejected if you put an offer of service out there? If no one offered their help, just imagine what kind of world we would live in? 

There would be no nurses or carers. No one helping the elderly lady or gentleman across the street. 

There’d be no mums asking other mums if they’d mind meeting their kids from the school bus one day. There’d be no cups of coffee offered. No shoulders to cry on. No mentors. No leaders even. 

I don’t want to live in a world like that. 

I want to bring my beautiful innocent young son up in a world where help is offered willingly and freely.

I want to go that extra mile and push my face in front of someone else’s in order to raise a smile. I want to offer a hug, despite there being an outbreak of Coronavirus. Because that’s what we all need right now. 

I refuse to shrink down into this false sense of security I seem to play which is to take the easy route and not offer help. 

In fact, I’m going one step further and making it my mission in life to help others. By helping others, I mean I will offer help at every corner. I know I can’t guarantee if I’ll get the response of a ‘yes’ but that’s not the point. 

The point in offering help is never to satisfy the ego of the person offering. It’s helping the other person from a place of servitude and genuine willingness and integrity. 

If every person on the planet decided in this moment, right now to ask someone if they need help. 

Be it in a messenger message, a blog, an email, a phone call, a face-to-face conversation. Whatever form of communication, if you just do it right now. Ask that person if they need help. 

And just watch what sort of world we can create.