Busting Anxiety In Motherhood

My flagship programme, taken by over 2000 women worldwide so far.

Busting Anxiety In Motherhood will give you transformational tools, exercises, insights, teachings and lifestyle improvements to beat anxiety naturally (no medication in sight)

Learn how to remove anxiety from your life and instead, focus on what really matters which is enjoying that wonderful baby of yours.

This course is divided into 10-weeks and is designed to completely change your perception of how anxiety affects you.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Shift your relationship to the worries and fears in your mind
  • Create new healthy and happy thought processes
  • Focus instead on the present moment, on enjoying your baby/children
  • Understand what anxiety actually is and why it happens, why the symptoms occur and how you can stop them
  • Learn how anxiety is not the enemy (believe me on this!)
  • Develop greater clarity and confidence in yourself as a result of overcoming anxiety
  • Simply learn to enjoy motherhood and look forward to the future as a result

Busting Anxiety In Motherhood: A Complete lifestyle overhaul to bust through anxiety and create a happier, calmer and more present outlook. This course is designed to be an in-depth and transformational journey, taking you from fearful and anxious to calm, confident and happy.

Learn how to not react to the fears in your mind, and instead create new positive happy thoughts. You will soon be feeling relief from anxiety and enjoying this special time with your baby which is exactly what every incredible mum deserves.

Managing our negative thoughts, fears and anxieties is something we all need to learn, yet we never really talk about it.

So start learning how to do this by taking this course.

This course is specifically designed to be taken step by step, over the space of 10 weeks to eliminate anxiety, leaving you feeling happier, content and at peace in your motherhood journey, however being a busy mum myself, I’ve designed it so you can take it at your own pace. 

Busting Anxiety In Motherhood comes with a Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so go ahead and take this course risk-free. If you’re less than fully satisfied, you can get a full refund within the 30-day window.

Some of the concepts we cover in the course are:

*Present moment awareness & consciousness


*EFT techniques

*Breathing techniques


*Conscious Relaxation

*NLP techniques

*CBT techniques

*Nutrition & lifestyle improvements

*Habit changes

*Positive self talk

*Gratitude for what is


*Future visioning


There are many incredible extras included:

BONUS: Anxiety relief timeline so you can visibly track your anxiety levels over the 10 weeks. Affirmations to print out and stick around your home to boost your anxiety-busting progress, plus my infographic on ‘What we can and can’t control’ (RRP £50)

BONUS: Recorded tutorial webinar at the end of each week’s content, building further upon the topic of the module you’re on (RRP £250)

BONUS: Powerful meditations for you to listen to at your own leisure to help relax (RRP: £30)

BONUS: Reflective and deep dive journal print outs EVERY WEEK of the programme. Over the 10 week programme, this will build up to become a wonderful, treasured resource which you can look back on in years to come to see how far you’ve come (RRP £ priceless!)

BONUS! Lifetime access, to all the resources, all downloads PLUS access to a private Facebook support group (optional)

(Disclaimer: Individual results do vary)

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What's included?

  • 10 hours of coached video content divided into weekly sections (120 + individual videos)
  • Downloadable guided meditations to help you relax
  • Weekly deep-dive questions, guided prompts and journal print outs
  • Weekly introductions and guidance for every week of the programme
  • Downloadable and printable anxiety-relieving affirmations
  • Video guided anxiety relief exercises
  • Downloadable wall prints and infographics
  • A printable PDF journal book
  • Access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support and encouragement
  • Regular private group coaching sessions with me directly. A chance to ask questions and get coached in overcoming anxiety.

What's covered?

This programme is designed as a fully inclusive & holistic approach to beating anxiety in motherhood naturally.

It has two main aspects which is the self-guided online course and the live group coaching sessions.

This framework is unique to Busting Anxiety In Motherhood and has proven extremely successful for previous mums who’ve taken the programme. 

The deep dive questions and journal prompts are there to help you uncover your anxiety and get honest with yourself, to get to know yourself away from anxiety.

The affirmations are to be repeated regularly to start changing thought habits in the mind which contribute to anxiety. 

The 120 + videos are each divided by topic, which covers everything related to anxiety from the physical sensations, to what’s happening in the body; the mindset and psychology of anxiety, to relaxation techniques, mindfulness, meditation practises and even lifestyle optimisers which will help in the healing process. 

The printable PDF journal is designed as a reflection of everything you’ve learnt during the programme.

You also have access to a private Facebook support group; a community of women who are anxiety sufferers but who are determined to beat it, many of which are graduates of the programme. 

There are also regular private group coaching sessions with me which are held online. Many women are nervous of the group coaching sessions initially, but by the end of the programme, you’ll be amazed how many new friendships you’ve made through these sessions, and how much support, love and understanding builds up between everyone involved. Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times during the coaching sessions. 

Is Busting Anxiety In Motherhood for me?

The answer is YES if you wish to learn proven, natural anxiety-relieving techniques and are committed to get rid of anxiety long term.

It’s not a problem if you’re currently taking medication for an anxiety disorder. You can use everything you learn in this programme in conjunction with medication.

Everything I teach is natural to the body only. There are no herbs, no crazy foods.

It’s purely tuning into the power of the mind and body in its natural state.

My promise to you

I know there are so many mums who suffer with anxiety and don’t know where to turn for help, or even how to help themselves.

By the time you finish this programme you’ll be so well informed about anxiety, you’ll relate to it differently, slowly stop feeling anxious within the body and you’ll know multiple self-help techniques to get rid of anxiety quickly when it hits.

You’ll feel more confident and in control, and as a result, be able to enjoy your motherhood journey.

However, for peace of mind, I do offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy the programme and find it doesn’t work for you.

I believe it will work, but it does take the 10 weeks to really process everything that’s taught in the programme and to build upon it week by week.

So don’t wait! Join the programme and start getting rid of anxiety today.


You have lifetime access to the course content and also you can join as many of the live coaching sessions you wish to, for life!

There is no more than an hour and a half of content each week of the online course and it’s designed to be completed week by week, in order. It’s not to be rushed. 

We want to make gentle, subtle changes which last, not quick changes which get forgotten about. 

There are weekly homework tasks as well, which can take as long as you wish them to but I would allow up to an hour for each week (this is the deep dive questions and journal time, so it’s great for doing when you’re feeling calm and relaxed)

So in total no more than 2.5 hours per week, which is nothing when you think about it!

The great thing about this programme is you can listen to it rather than watch it.

You can play it while making dinner or dropping the kids to the nursery. It’s not a programme which you have to sit for hours and hours at your computer for.

I also recommend doing the journaling and deep-dive questions when the kids are asleep so have some alone time, undistracted, to do these.

They are powerful and are a key component in shifting how you relate to the anxiety you’re experiencing.

I understand that the concept of group coaching may seem scary, but trust me, it’s the opposite!

It’s supportive, welcoming, encouraging, and fun. 

It’s a hug, help and guidance all in one.

Everyone who joins the first session after enrolling in the programme is apprehensive (that’s normal) and as it’s an online session you can have your cameras off and just listen from your phone or computer.

But by week 3 or 4 I guarantee you’ll want to jump on the sessions and ask questions or share your breakthroughs 🙂

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